Discover Our House Cocktails

North42 Rhubarb & Blood Orange Gin is fantastic on its own, or served as one of our signature pours (with tonic water or ginger ale and garnished with dehydrated orange), but if you’d like to try something extra special, why not enjoy it in one of our house cocktails.

Atomic North

25ml North42 Gin
25ml fresh lime juice
25ml sweet
25ml gomme syrup
12.5ml egg white*
Ice Cubes

Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake until a nice foam is created. Strain into a Martini glass using a cocktail strainer and allow the foam to settle on top. Garnish with a slice of dehydrated orange or use a 42 stencil and sprinkle dehydrated fruit powder on top.

Tumble Cocktail

25ml North42 Gin
12.5ml 40% blood orange liqueur
Ginger Ale
Crushed ice

Put crushed ice into a cocktail shaker along with a measure of North42 Rhubarb & Blood Orange Gin and a half-measure of blood orange liqueur. Shake and then pour into a low-ball glass. Top up with ginger ale and garnish with dehydrated blood orange and lime.

*To make a vegan version of this cocktail substitute with 12.5ml of lecithin.

Gin Fizz

25ml North42 Gin
12.5ml rhubarb liqueur

Pour a measure of North42 Rhubarb & Blood Orange Gin into a Champagne flute. Slowly add half a measure of rhubarb liqueur so that it sits on top of the gin. Then, using the back of a cocktail spoon, pour prosecco into the flute until the glass is three-quarters full. Garnish with a spiral of lime or orange peel.